Meet The Beekeeper — Aaron

Radical Honey
3 min readApr 14, 2021

At Radical Honey, we seek to introduce our subscribers to the food producers we feature on our site. We believe that knowing our food producers makes us feel more connected to what we eat. In keeping with our mission, we would like to introduce you to Aaron, our featured beekeeper!

Aaron is a software engineer living in the Bay area who started beekeeping as a teenager after his father got fed up with how much time he spent playing video games! One day, Aaron’s dad dragged him to the local bookstore and guided him to the hobbies section. Aaron left with a book called, Hunting Wild Honeybees, which piqued his interest in the humble honeybee. After reading the book, Aaron sought out a local bee supply shop to learn even more. This is where he met shop owner, Franklin Carrier, a sage-like mentor who would forever change Aaron’s life. He proceeded to spend the following Spring & Summer assembling hive bodies and frames at Franklin’s shop instead of playing video games.

Several years later, in 2010, Aaron decided to return to beekeeping by setting up a hive in a friend’s Noe Valley garden. From here, he started to remember the lessons and insights he had gained as a teenager. Over time, one hive expanded to 8–10 colonies per season, and the project grew into part-time business called Urban Nectar. Aaron now harvests honey throughout several neighborhoods in San Francisco and is committed to keeping everything local from survivor stocks for raising queen bees to flora for his nectar. In this sense, every jar is a snapshot of the season and neighborhood.

The current jar we’re featuring on Radical is a scrumptious liquid, golden-colored honey. It has rich floral elements, which prevents this honey from being overly sweet. It is a true umami experience and has a distinctly earthy note with each spoonful. The flavor profile makes this honey an amazing companion when drizzled over yogurt, granola, and toast.

Aaron loves the challenge that comes with keeping hives and colonies healthy in a busy city like San Francisco. This is what inspired him to pursue urban beekeeping in the first place. And what initially started as a teenage hobby to appease his dad has since evolved into an active part-time business in Urban Honey. It’s safe to say that Aaron’s journey has not only defied his father’s expectations, but also his own.

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